INKS puts a clever new spin on everyone's favorite classic arcade game, pinball. The core mechanics are the same -- keep a little ball pinging around the board for as long as possible without letting it fall into the precarious holes in the board.

In INKS, however, your pinball leaves delightful trails of watercolor ink wherever it travels, creating beautiful displays of color. Rather than racking up the points, you'll be more interested in seeing the colorful designs you can create. We have a few tips to help you get the most out of INKS.

Work on your flipper work

Most of the classic pinball tricks you might already know apply here. Keep a flipper up to prevent the ball from sliding into the hole. Let the ball roll down to the tip of the flipper to fling it to greater heights. All of that good stuff. It's also worth noting that later levels in INKS will throw in a vortex or two, too. You'll want to avoid those by starting with the paddle opposite of the vortex.

Don't forget to use your power-ups

INKS will grant you a number of helpful powerups to help you go farther. Don't forget to use them as they become available for purchase. Some power-ups allow you to predict the ball's path of movement more easily, while others can keep the ball from falling into the hole at the bottom of the screen. They're real lifesavers, and will help you keep from getting to the dreaded black paintball.

Just remember that power-ups are only good for the current level you're playing. If you buy a power-up and decide to save it for another time, it will no longer be active and you'll have to save up currency to buy it again.

Are you a verifiable INKS artiste? Share your expert tips in the comments below.

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