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Posted by Rob LeFebvre on July 27th, 2011
iPad App - Designed for iPad

Visiting has given millions the information they crave on just how things actually do work. A Discovery Communications property, the website was founded by Professor Marshall Brain in 1998 (yes, that's actually his name) to help explain, well, how things work.

While the iPad app was released just last week, the iPhone version of the app is the winner of a Webby Award for the Best Mobile Education and Reference App, as well as having been listed by Apple staff once as a New and Noteworthy app and twice as a Staff Favorite.

With the app on an iPad, users have access to over 40,000 articles, 12,000 videos and over 2,000 audio and video podcasts from the comfort and safety of your magical device. The videos are also AirPlay enabled, letting users wirelessly stream them to their AppleTVs. Quiz and trivia nuts rejoice, as HowStuffWorks for iPad also contains over 1,000 quizzes that contain over 30,000 questions. Every article and podcast has a "Related Stuff" button to allow real knowledge hounds the ability to dig deep on any of the topics presented.

Podcasts Include:

- Stuff You Should Know
- Stuff You Missed in History Class
- BrainStuff
- Stuff Mom Never Told You
- TechStuff
- Stuff to Blow your Mind
- CarStuff
- Stuff from the B-Side
- Video Podcasts:
- Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know
- Stuff of Genius
- Coolest Stuff on the Planet
- New! Stuff from the Future

The app includes a search system, daily featured content, and new facts and quotes every day. Users can save their favorite topics and articles, as well as share with friends and family via email, Twitter and Facebook options - a requisite feature in this day and age.

While all the content is available on the web for free, HowStuffWorks for iPad is designed for Apple's magical tablet from the ground up, even going so far as to be a separate app from the iPhone version. As can be seen in the screenshots below, the interface and visual design fits right on the larger, shiny screen of the iPad.

HowStuffWorks for iPad is available now for the grand total of Free. How's THAT workin' for ya?

HowStuffWorks for iPad

iPad App - Designed for iPad
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iPad Screenshots

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HowStuffWorks for iPad screenshot 1 HowStuffWorks for iPad screenshot 2 HowStuffWorks for iPad screenshot 3 HowStuffWorks for iPad screenshot 4 HowStuffWorks for iPad screenshot 5
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