South Korean publisher Webzen has brought a little piece of Las Vegas to Android devices with the soft launch of its latest mobile game Hit the 5 Casino - Free Slots in New Zealand and Argentina.

The social casino title gives players the opportunity to try their hand at a variety of digital slot machines, without the risk of losing any actual money.

Each slot comes with its own unique style, design, and gameplay, and the developer has revealed plans to add more of them over time. Players who download the soft-launch version of the game will be treated to exclusive deals as well as earn hourly, daily, and weekly bonuses.

Fresh out of closed beta testing and aimed at users aged 21 and over, Hit the 5 Casino is based on the Facebook social game of the same name, which features a user base of 500,000 players.

The slot machine simulation is available to download from Google Play in the soft-launch countries now and is anticipated to make its global launch during the first half of 2018.

Keen to know more? Further information about Hit the 5 Casino is available on the game’s official website and you can discuss your thoughts on it with the community via its Facebook page.

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