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Posted by Rob LeFebvre on September 1st, 2010

Have you noticed the spiffy new callout under some of the reviewed apps here on 148Apps.com? If not, go check them out right here. Come back when you're finished. We'll wait.

Notice anything? Well, thank you. We think it looks nice, too.

We've decided to start pointing out the really really good apps and games for the iOS platform devices for you. There are a lot of great apps and games being developed and published these days, and even our stringent standards can get overloaded with the sheer volume at times. There are a few apps, however, that do a lot right and we think they deserve a little something extra.

We call it Editor's Choice. An app or game must meet several criteria in order to be placed on this list. It must stand out above other similarly themed or genre games and apps in some way, it must integrate well with the target device, and it has to innovate in some way -- or master a feature set incredibly well. In addition, it must have that certain something that catches our eye as an Editorial staff, that intangible "aha!" moment or thing that just defines the game or app for us and our readers.

Let's face it, the app store is a crowded, thriving marketplace full of apps and games that may or may not be worth your time and/or money. 148Apps was founded with the goal to inform its readers about the best and brightest apps in that marketplace, and we're continuing that tradition by helping you find the best and brightest stars in an ever-increasing sea of starlight. We hope you enjoy our picks, and that you join us in finding new ways to spotlight the apps and games that make all of our lives just that much brighter.

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