Dunk Hit guide -- how to score high and get perfect shots

Posted by Jessica Famularo on October 10th, 2017
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Dunk Hit
is a new high score chaser from Voodoo, purveyors of breezy, addictive arcade games. Players try to make sweet dunks using the fewest dribbles possible. It's easy to jump right in and start scoring, but harder to chain dunks together for super high scores.

We've gathered a few tips and tricks for reaching high scores and getting perfect shots. Let's take a look.

Try not to hit the backboard

To get perfects, you need to make a shot without hitting the backboard. Practice getting clean shots. Figure out which combination of taps is the easiest way to get close to the basket, but not too close. You might need one long tap followed by a short, or three short taps -- it all depends on the hoop. That leads us to our next tip.

Practice switching between long and short taps

There's no catch all way to make a basket. You can hold your finger on the screen a little longer before releasing to make a higher bounce, or use short, quick taps to get more bounces in that get less air. Practice using these different shots in combination until you find the sweet spot. Knowing how to switch things up will make it easier for you to get perfect shots and chains.

You can shoot backwards if need be

If you miscalculate, you can shoot the ball from beneath the net, sending it backwards up through the net and letting it fall back down. This will still count as a dunk. This is a great help if you're aim is a bit off. Alternatively, if you feel you're going to over shoot, let the ball bounce off screen so that you can get a fresh chance.

Are you a Dunk Hit all-star? Share your expert tips in the comments below.

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