Drag'n'Boom beginner's guide - how to earn mountains of gold

Posted by Jessica Famularo on September 19th, 2017
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Have you ever wanted to burn and pillage a village as a bloodthirsty dragon? If you answered yes to that question, Drag'n'Boom offers you the perfect chance to do so, casting you as an adorable little dragon that wants to set humankind aflame.

It sounds violent, but this little arcade game is quite charming, tasking you with taking out archers, wizards, and other enemies to earn bountiful treasure. You'll be using that precious gold to level up your dragon and reach sky high scores. We're here to show you how to get the most bang (boom?) for your buck.

Keep up with your combos

You'll get combo chains for killing multiple enemies in a row, which will in turn grant you valuable coin multipliers. You'll want to keep these combos going strong while collecting the coins that enemies drop. Each time you hit an enemy, your combo will multiply by 2 for a maximum of 12 until you miss.

To get reliable combos, use the drag and aim feature to ensure that your shots are accurate. Missing a shot will reset your combo! If you're worried about missing, don't forget that you can also hit enemies with your body, which won't reset your combo.

What goes up can't go down

Since your goal is to kill as many enemies as possible to keep that gold flowing in, you'll need to be efficient. Remember that while you can go up from a lower platform to a higher one, you won't be able to come back down. Make sure you take care of lower enemies first.

Use the right attacks for the job

As you earn cash, be sure to unlock new abilities. These special attacks will make it easier for you to take out certain enemies. Some, like firebombs, let you take out swathes of enemies without relying too much on aim, while others, like the laser, are more precise, but are great for small spaces and other particular situations. Pay attention to your environment and see which special attacks perform the best at certain times.

Don't forget to share your own Drag'n'Boom tips in the comments below!

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