Normally, bowling is pretty boring. I mean, all you’re doing is rolling a ball at some wooden pins and usually getting too drunk to stand up straight. Downhill Bowling 2 is a different beast entirely, as players can knock down pins, collect coins and flee from dangerous mines. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then head on over to the App Store and get to downloading, as the freebie game is now available.

New features in Downhill Bowling 2 include the ability to collect coins which can be used to unlock new levels and balls, as well as a dedicated jump button. While the original Downhill Bowling included jumping it was restricted to a specific power-up which had to be picked up out on the course, now players will be able to make their ball hop whenever they want, opening up a lot of new avenues for level design and exploration. Other power-ups include rockets, bombs and even a helicopter to pick up your ball and help you grab otherwise out-of-reach floating coins. The whole package is a lot more entertaining than a trip to your local bowling alley, where bombs and helicopters are largely frowned upon.

Downhill Bowling 2 also features Game Center support in the form of Achievements and leaderboards. Each mode will have its own specific leaderboard so good luck in holding down the top spot on all four at once. If you manage to pull that off then we will official recognize you as the king (or queen) of wacky bowling. GameResort is also promising new content for the game down the road, so just when you perfect the existing levels you can start expecting new ones.

So grab your ball and get ready for some crazy bowling fun. Just make sure to call your league and let them know you won’t be there tonight, they deserve at least that courtesy.

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Released: 2010-11-30 :: Category: Games

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