Color Ballz guide - how to bounce to the top of the leader boards

Posted by Jessica Famularo on October 16th, 2017
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Color Ballz
is an addictive new arcade title from Ketchapp Studios. It takes old school mechanics from games like Brickles and puts a fun twist on it. Your job? To catch balls with a paddle and send them back into a chute to be carried back to the top of the screen, where they can be thrown at you again. You want to make sure you miss as few balls as possible to get a high score.

There are a few strategies to keep in mind if you want to see your name at the top of those leaderboards.

Constant vigilance

The biggest piece of advice we can give is to keep your focus at all times. It's easy to be lured into a pattern, as ballz bounce into the abyss at regular intervals. You'll soon find though, as the game amps up in difficulty, that balls will propel themselves at regular rates (faster or slower), and in differing numbers. Remember that anything can happen and you'll see fewer balls gathering at the bottom of the screen.

Aim for power ups

Periodically you'll see power ups appear on the screen. Hitting these with a ball with grant you extra points, add more balls to the pool, and more. Try to angle your paddle so that every ball is hitting these powerups to take advantage of these valuable bonuses.

Play catch-up

You'll usually have time between two groups of ballz. When you send one group flying with your paddle, it's not a bad idea to hover your paddle at the edge of the right-hand chute to hit any ballz that might not have quite made it to your target. Just be careful that you don't miss the next group of ballz taking flight on the left side of the screen!

Have you already mastered the fine art of Color Ballz? Share your own high score tips in the comments below.

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