Real-time strategy title Battleplans is due for release on Google Play on June 30th, following its release for iOS systems last month. With its simple interface and pretty graphics, the crowd-pleaser brings a formerly overlooked genre out for the masses.

Instead of focusing on more traditional elements of real-time strategy, the title centres on unique tactical movement features and unit position, instead of base building and resource grinding. Precision is key with Battleplans, allowing players to control units intricately, despite the real-time aspects.

With two main phases, the game offers up plenty to get stuck into. The ‘Skulls’ phase allows players to work on their defences whilst playing through a variety of different heroes and fine-tuning their special abilities. Incorporate the real-time element and the game opens up worldwide for endless advancements.

For days when players feel they just can’t seem to catch a break, they can take advantage of the game’s handy playback feature, where they can identify their shortcomings to advance further in battle.

Released on June 30th, for free, on the Google Play store. Keep an eye out for this release, featuring new upgrades, content and a brand new character – Taigar the Huntress.

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