Breakout Ninja Guide: Kick and flip your way to victory

Posted by Jessica Famularo on January 10th, 2017
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Breakout Ninja smashed its way onto the App Store this week, and its one-touch controls and high-flying ninja stunts have got people hooked. It's an endless runner, but it switches up the game a bit, requiring players to tap the screen as their little ninja runs into the center of a series of circles sprinkled across the screen. There's a lot of careful timing involved, and as the pace picks up, so does the difficulty of your feats of ninja-esque prowess. Here are our tips to ensure you never have to stop. Or run into a fence.

Always look ahead
Your success hinges on the timing of your jumps. If you want to get the highest score, always be looking ahead to see where the next circle lies. This way you'll be ready to jump, especially once the speed picks up.

When in doubt, later is better
If you can't get a "perfect" jump, try to jump late, rather than early. If you jump too early, sure, you can clear the first jump, but if there's another jump following shortly after, you may not make it. Jumping late means sacrificing a "perfect", but it also ensures your safety.

Nobody's perfect
In a similar vein, hitting a perfect jump every time is pretty satisfying, but it's also not a very realistic goal unless you're some sort of guru. As the difficulty increases, worry more about making jumps rather than hitting the exact center of the circle each time.

The road to impressive high scores may seem like a long one, but keep practicing (that shouldn't be hard -- this game is quite addictive) and put these tips into practice. You'll hit your stride before you know it.

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