Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
, was just announced yesterday, but it's already in soft launch in Australia. No matter where you are in the world, you can still get access to the soft launch on iOS, so we've devised a few beginner tips for folks who want to dive into the game early. Here's how to make the most of your first few hours with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Make collecting part of your daily routine

Like pretty much every other Animal Crossing game, your main mission is to pop in for short bursts lasting about 30 minutes or so to harvest fruit from trees, go fishing, catch bugs, and gather seashells, all of which you can use to complete friend quests, craft items, or sell for bells.

Get into a routine of collecting things. Never leave fruit growing on trees so that they have room to regrow.

Make some friends

Keeping with Animal Crossing tradition, there's a whole host of creatures wandering around for you to talk to and befriend. There's some added incentive in Pocket Camp to make plenty of animal friends, though. By doing quests for animals and collecting furniture to encourage them to visit your campground, you'll increase that animals' heart level. The higher the heart level, the better rewards you get, and you may even unlock better furniture for you to craft.

Get started completing quests for animals early on to get those heart levels up.

Save your Leaf Tickets to unlock new crafting slots

Crafting furniture and other items takes time, sometimes hours, to complete. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp isn't necessarily a game that requires hours per play session, but crafting can get a little slow. Luckily, you can purchase two extra crafting slots with Leaf Tickets, allowing you to craft up to three items at a time.

You'll have plenty of opportunity to save up Leaf Tickets by performing everday tasks, so save them up. Rather than spending them on timers or crafting items, save them to unlock the extra crafting slots, significantly improving your item output. It only costs a total of 160 Leaf Tickets which will add up surprisingly quickly.

Complete goals

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp presents you with timed and stretch goals to complete everyday. Make timed goals a priority, as they're only available for a limited time, but try to complete as many of both of them as you can. They're a good way to earn Leaf Tickets and free crafting materials.

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