Self-improvement sounds easy on paper, but it's a lot tougher to actually execute. A large part of that is motivating yourself to get off the couch or step away from whatever may be your time-waster of choice and get stuff done. It's easy to become a lump, but now that the weather is steadily getting warmer you might have renewed energy to take on some of those projects you've been meaning to do.

There are a bunch of helpful apps that can get you started on the path to betterment. Here are five of the best apps that turn daily drudgery into fun games.


EpicWin is a bit like Habitica-lite. You create a to-do list, and everytime you check off an item you earn experience points, which will in turn improve your character's stats and abilities. Tasks can be sorted into daily activities or aspirations you hope to achieve someday. It's quite easy to set up, and you'll love watching your character act out epic fantasy battles for doing your laundry.

If you're looking to become more active, Fitocracy could give you the jolt of inspiration you need. This free app offers a wide library of exercise routines and challenges. You can earn rewards for reaching your fitness goals, or, if you're having trouble, you can reach out to the app's active community for some advice.

Bloom*, or Mindbloom, takes a slightly different approach. Part mindfulness app, part productivity tool, Bloom* allows you to create "blooms" or multimedia experiences using images and music, to give you a boost of inspiration throughout the day. A reminder to eat a healthy lunch may show you photos you've found of some tasty, nutritious treats. Or set a reminder to save money, accompanied by photos of your dream vacation. It's subtle and allows for creativity in driving your motivation.

Do you use apps to motivate yourself? Which ones do you turn to? Share in the comments.

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