App Description

Yin Yang Puzzle is a fun educational game app which introduces you with 1000 commonly used chinese characters. In fact, it doesn't matter that you have zero knowledge on chinese as you can simply treat all the character parts as puzzle parts. Sometimes, knowledge on chinese do hinder you on making decision. However, it is certainly a good start if you would like to know more and/or test your knowledge on chinese.

In chinese philosophy, yin-yang refers to two naturally existing forces which are opposite but interdependent. The idea of the game mainly comes from this concept. In the game, chinese characters are divided into two character parts (analogy to yin-yang). What you need to do is to pair up the parts to form as many complete characters as possible within the time limit.

1. all parts on the screen can be paired up.
2. to pair up, parts must be coming from certain colors. (e.g., light green - green, light gray - gray, etc).

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iPhone Screenshots

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App Changes

  • January 06, 2015 Initial release