App Description

iLiuFa S8 is to offer a time tested simplified practical approach to Feng Shui analysis. While it is not intended to make users a Feng Shui master, its very intention is to put a tool into the hands of user for them to most importantly avoid calamity.

With iLiuFa S8 app, you can now evaluate any sites, houses, buildings or properties in conformance to LiuFa Feng Shui's principles at the convenience of your idevices. iLiuFa S8 app was drawn from inspiration to spread the practical usage of LiuFa (六法).

There are many different methods of Feng Shui interpretation today giving birth to multitudes of differing methods that claims to be the authentic Feng Shui interpretation. Many of these are also used concurrently with divinity methods like astrology and birth analysis to complicate it further. It is even more perplexing when spiritual or religious are added into its concepts turning Feng Shui into such a misunderstood subject filled with a lot of pseudo methods.

LiuFa (六法) however stood by a time tested practical approach to Feng Shui. Today it stood as the most scientifically challenged method of all Feng Shui methodology.

To a LiuFa practitioner, it is only a resounding yes or a firm no in its approach. There is never a need for other supplementary method of Feng Shui to be used, as LiuFa is a method that is whole and complete by itself. It is such that LiuFa is able to withstand today’s challenges on its own merits against the combination of all others known Feng Shui methods like FeiXing (飞星) and its variants, DaGua (大卦) and its variants, BaZhai (八宅) and its variants and multitudes of others.

iLiuFa S8 comes complete with manual documentation which is designed to guide users with little to no Feng Shui experience to be able to start applying LiuFa methodology for conformance study almost instantly. The manual has several example case study and step-by-step walk-through to guide you toward successful evaluation.

Instant Feng Shui evaluation on satellite map: -

> Ability to overlay iLiuFa Lou Pan on current site based on GPS location, building, house or any site of interest on satellite map and be able to study for conformance to iLiuFa S8 under just minutes.

> Sectors in Lou Pan overlay provide popover tool-tip reference to comprehensive listing of illnesses, enabling you to perform illness risks analysis for every site under influence quickly.

> Share your surveyed observation using email with your friends or your trusted Feng Shui's consultant. Your email is complete with screen capture and annotations of the surveyed site.

> Search the map by address and be able to survey any places in the world for Feng Shui using LiuFa methodology.

> Complete with features to manage and book-keep surveyed sites. You may add notes, comments, memo to record your observation for later reference and viewing.

> Options are available to fine-tune Lou Pan overlay view to enhance your viewing experience. Map viewing mode is switch-able between standard, satellite and hybrid view.

> Support both landscape and portrait view.

Digital compass with unique iLiuFa S8 Lou Pan: -

> Features a combination of unique iLiuFa S8's art design with ordinary 24 mountains Lou Pan.

> Contains reference to both English derivation and its original Chinese language.

> Utilized built-in digital compass for TRUE NORTH reading.

> Feature to halt the iLiuFa Lou Pan from compass mode for reading snapshot and further discussion.

> Support manual rotation of Lou Pan compass through finger pressing gesture.

> Single taps switching to toggle between compass view and map view.

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App Changes

  • February 15, 2013 Initial release

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