What's New

1. Guild tech
Give EXP and coin bonus to guild members

2. Guild Chat
Guild members can chat with each other in a specified panel

3. Equipment
Selling equipment can be given a certain number of badges

4. LBS
A Real map available for player to find friends nearby.
They can ask for a fight or chat with each other.

5. Added Friends nickname

6. New dungeons
Crow Hall; Hero's Trial; Botanical Gardens

7. New cards
1) Feral Druid Helper
- Normal Skill: Heal, heal 1 teammate for a small amount of HP
- Initiative Skill: Advanced light Asylum, restore life to highest possible HP
- Passive Skill: Advanced Asylum Talent
- Location: monthly pass purchase, exchange for universal pieces
2) Comrade
- Normal Skill: shadowbolt that targets a single opponent
- Initiative Skill: Flame Nova+ that targets opponents in the back row
- Passive Skill: Artisan Destruction Talent

8. Modified synergy combinations
1) Power of love (Lady+Tyran)
- changed to [Huge ATK]
2) Broken Squad (Barrel Bull + Thief + Hunter + Beauty + Qriest)
- [Large ATK][Med Hit][Tiny HP]
3) Son and daughter (Brick + Tyran + Lady)
- [Large HP][Med Mage defensive]

9. New synergy combinations
1) Reinforcement (Feral Druid Helper+Druid):
- [Large+M-DEF][Med+HP]
2) Raven Squad (Feral Druid Helper + MT + Shaman + BEM + Druid)
- [Huge Crit] [Large Atk][Large Critical-DMG]
3) Peerless Master (Feral Druid Helper + Cannon Lady + Elder sister + Winter)
- [Large ATK][Large Critical Rate]
4) Conductor (The President + Brick + Feral Druid Helper )
- [Large HP][Med ATK]
5) Chairman’s Strategy (Lust + The President +Cannon lady)
- [large Accuracy][Medium Critical Rate]
6) Night Prayer (Envy + Female Druid)
- [Large Healing][Medium HP]
7) Four Shadow’s Strike (Lust + Allure +Envy +Shame)
- [Huge Critical Rate][Large Critical Damage][large HP]
8) Eye Candy (shame + Envy + Fire member A + Elder sister + lady)
- [Huge Dodge][Large Toughness][Med HP]
9) Back to where? (Comrade + Hunter + Shaman +Beauty)
- [Large Critical Rate][Large Accuracy][Medium Toughness]
10) Double Agent (Allure + Lust + Rogue + Thief)
- [Large Dodge][Large Accuracy][Large Critical Damage]
11) Evil Storm (Cannon Lady + Miss + Comrade)
- [Large ATK] [Large HP][Medium Critical Rate]
12) Strong Partner (Feral Druid Helper + BEM + MT)
- [Large Mage-Defensive][Medium HP]
13) Survival Guide (Feral Druid Helper + Druid)
- [Large Toughness]
14) For Love (Allure + Envy)
- [Huge Toughness]

10. World Boss
2 world bosses available per day.

App Description

Can you beat the heroic dungeons? Take on the challenge now, and download Epic Heroes for Free!
Build the strongest party, form allies, and become an Epic Hero of the Raid!
Love WoW? Love Cards? Do you like to laugh at other people's misfortune? This is the game for you!

"I love this game!" - Anonymous reviewer that may be the lead developer on the game who is relying on this for a bonus this year.

"This game is not the worst game I've ever played!" - A user tester that played the game and was paid in free microwave burritos.

"This game bankrupted my family and my wife left me." - That sucks for this guy, but is awesome for us, the makers of this game.

There is a group of the strongest, most elite Raiders for the most impossible dungeons. These guys are not in that group. You are a noob taking on the first dungeons and aspiring to be the leaders of the Raid. Battle your way through the ridiculous and hilarious adventures of Epic (Fail) Heroes! Only you can make take these zeroes and make them heroes of the Raid.

No thumb breaking inaccurate twitch controls! Strategic and fun Card Based gameplay! Can you fight your way through the Elite and Epic dungeons?

Battle your way through dungeons and get phat lootz and rare cards!

Level up and combine cards to create the most powerful raiding party in history!

Challenge other players and take part in regular exciting events!

App Screen Shots

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App Changes

July 27, 2014 New version 3.4.1
January 29, 2014 New version 3.2.0
November 15, 2013 New version 3.0.2
November 08, 2013 New version 3.0.1
November 07, 2013 Price Decrease: $0.99 -> FREE!
September 26, 2013 New version 2.5.7
November 30, -0001 Initial Release

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