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A shooter more manic
than our previous hit
"B.B. the Bear!"
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In the distant past, we were once as one.

Then, one day, we ventured into lands unknown--
a journey like a branching tree into a strange world--
leaving many fragments of ourselves behind.

Those fragments evolved, changing color,
changing form, gaining a sense of self.

These new individuals separated from one another,
rejecting slight differences, while failing to heed their many similarities.

Now you must once again set out on a journey—a journey
to find your fragments scattered throughout the world.
Find all of yourself and become as one again.

About the Game
"Salvo Saga" is a manic shooter in which you evade a hail of bullets while defeating powerful enemies.
It includes stunningly beautiful stages based on locations around the world.

It’s so easy to play! Simply tap to shoot and slide to move! You can even shoot automatically by holding your
finger on the screen! These easy touch and slide controls make it a cinch to play.

If you’re having trouble defeating a powerful boss, upgrade your aircraft with new cannons! Use the materials
dropped during stages to develop new cannons, equip them in your aircraft’s slots, then go take out the enemy!

There are five types of cannons in all: Parallel, Wide, Laser, Chase, and Special. Customize your cannons
exactly how you want or to suit a certain stage. Create an original aircraft that is all your own!

Equipping cannons comes with an associated cost for each aircraft part. The higher a part's level, the greater
its cost. Try to beat the high scores for each stage and collect parts with even higher levels than before!

If you find yourself trapped by a hail of bullets and have nowhere left to turn, tap the Bomb button at the
bottom of the screen! This will wipe out all enemy attacks, damage the enemy, and launch a special attack
that covers the entire screen! But you only get three Bombs per day, so use them wisely.

Be careful! Use up all your lives and it’s game over! Fortunately, you recover one life every 5 minutes, so you can
challenge a stage again, even after your lives hit zero. There are 240 stages to play and 120 aircraft parts to get!
See how far you can get and how many parts you can collect on stages that get progressively more difficult!

It’s all up to you! Play every day to improve your shooting skills and complete every last stage!

Evade a hail of bullets amid stunning graphics! Experience the thrill and rush of defeating your enemies!
Download the manic shooter "Salvo Saga" now!

Key Features
• A shooter that manages to outdo our previous hit game “B.B. Bear!”
• Simple touch & slide controls that enable anyone to play and easily enjoy the game!
• This game’s for real! It's sure to satisfy anyone who loves manic shooters!
• Stunning graphics and sound will totally immerse you in the game world!

--Brought to you by COLOPL Inc.--

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App Changes

  • June 11, 2014 Initial release