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Ward off the evil hook because can break the seams of your toys! Show the foam that are made your toys! Fast-paced, delirious obstacles and a evil hook in a game very thug against the clock. In the depths of the park, taking advantage of the darkness and loneliness of the night, our little stuffed toys gave vent to their devilish antics... until everything is out of control and have been caught in a diabolical Chewing-Gum Machine!

Take from here Rafa, Manolo, Antonio Vicente before that the hook can break their sewings. Climb to the top at full speed overcoming all obstacles in your path.

Nothing is easy in this devilish race to the heights, where each character must face a different world with fast-paced levels. In this environments all that counts is climb to full speed to catch the gold necessary and so to unlock new and hidden levels.

However, the race to the top will be full of danger and unexpected obstacles: platforms gum, ice everywhere, surprise flares hidden, bombs, trampolines, cannons and many unexpected situations and traps that will try by all means to prevent your ascent.

Add to that the hook and the watch always wanting to take your stuffed ... and you will see that this will not be easy for your stuffed animals.

There is not a moment of rest, there is not a moment of doubt. Up, up, up ... ah, but do not forget to collect stars!

• 4 nice stuffed toys very hooligans to be saved, with its particular characteristics that you would can customize and enhance your skills
• 4 different environments to overcome different levels each of your stuffed animals and multiple levels in each, including occasional levels surprise.
• Collect and use the surprise gumballs that provide advantages in the game.

Are you ready? Avoid the evil hook you want to break the seams of your stuffed toys! Show the hard foam that their toys are made! Go up, go, up, go, go, go ...

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App Changes

  • June 14, 2013 Initial release

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