What's New

Thank you all for your support and reviews! I'm extremely excited you've picked KeepNote to save your reminders!

In this version:
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

In future versions:
Fix reminder save error, for now make sure you've allowed KeepNote access to your reminders, and also that you have at least one list in the reminder app for it to save to. I appreciate your patience with this issue and it's being investigated!

Also coming up is the ability to edit your reminders after you've already created them.

App Description

Super convenient.

I make apps that I use everyday, and this has turned out to be one of them. Whenever I made a reminder I was bugged by how annoying it is to add a date to it. You have to hope you hit the right day on the tiny calendar and cycle through times.

Now creating a reminder is as simple as typing it in.

KeepNote makes creating reminders seamless, easy, and fun (yes, fun!). KeepNote searches through your reminder and pulls out any relevant date it finds. If it can’t find one, it simply creates a note.

All reminders are entered into the Reminders app, making them instantly available on iCloud, organized and easily accessible.

Never forget anything again, with KeepNote!

KeepNote recognizes many units of time. It’s repertoire ranges from the well known minute, hour, week, year to the more interesting units like generations (26 years), jubilees (50 years), lustrums (5 years), olympiads (4 years), fortnights (2 weeks), all the way to plank time units, the smallest measurable amount of time in physics! (10e-44 seconds)!

Remind yourself of that meeting in 30 minutes, that duel you have in 3 moments (a moment is 90 seconds), or start a new fashion trend in 1 generation (26 years)!

Thank you for downloading, I appreciate it greatly. Your support helps me develop more apps, and also makes me feel super amazing!! - Jon

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App Changes

  • June 11, 2014 Initial release

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