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✰Overdamped Art Series™ proudly presents Chagall HD✰
Van Gogh HD, one of our Art Series, was selected as the "Top Paid App of the Year" in ◀◀REWIND 2010

◆From the Creators of Van Gogh HD & Monet HD◆
Born into an Orthodox Jewish family in what was then known as Russian Poland, March Chagall studied in St. Petersburg and Paris and returned to his native city on the eve of World War I. He joined the Knave of Diamond group and participated in their 1917 exhibition, which was intended as an attack on the stuffy classicism of the Moscow School of Art. The Revolution broke out shortly afterwards and Chagall was appointed Director of the Vitebsk Art School before being summoned to Moscow to design sets for the Jewish Theatre. After settling near Paris, he moved to the USA on the outbreak of World War II. After spending 6 years in America, he returned to France where he spent the rest of his career. His paintings combine fantasy, folklore and biblical themes with an intensely surreal quality. Indeed, it is claimed that Guillaume Apollinaire originally coined the term 'Surrealist' to describe Chagall's paintings. Download Chagall HD now, and experience the works from one of the most renowned artists of all time in history.

1. Russia (~1910)
2. France (1911~1914)
3. Russia and Soviet Belarus (1915~1922)
4. France (1923~1941)
5. America (1942~1948)
6. France (1948~1960
7. France (1961~1970)
8. France (1971~)
9. Works from Unknown Dates

Each piece contains:
1. Title
2. Original Year
3. Method/Tools
4. Size of Original Painting
5. Current Location & Ownership

✓ Zoom in/out, Slideshow
✓ Save, Bookmark, Email, Twitter
✓ Wikipedia Articles (when applicable)
✓ Background Music
✓ No Internet required

♧Take Advantage of our Universal Binary. Have it installed on iPad and iPhone in HD
♧Creators of Van Gogh HD and Da Vinci HD
♧Quality & Quantity Guaranteed

Music Credit:
Marc ANDRÉ - Sur la route de la vie

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