What's New

* Stages 33 to 40 have been added.

* The new soldier type "SNIPER" has been added.
You can purchase this soldier by beating stage 33.
The "SNIPER" can attack from a further range than the "SOLDIER",
and can also shoot out Knock-back shots (yellow) which push the enemy back,
or shoot out Miss-shots (blue) which are mistaken shots with lower attack power.
You will need 7 units of Costs to deploy this unit during a battle.

App Description

You are a capable female commander, and your next mission is to bring a mysterious evil organisation to its knees. Employ soldiers, train them with a limited budget, and lead your army through several missions to victory!

Deploy your soldiers to face the advancing enemy in real time.
Defeating the enemy commander on the right side of the battlefield is your main objective for every stage.

Deploying soldiers will cause "Costs" which will drain your resources in a fight.
Your resources will be restored gradually over time.
Different Soldier Types will cause different "Costs" when deployed.

* You will gain access to a wider variety of soldiers by beating stages.

The policy of the commander, allows only a maximum of 8 soldiers to be deployed on the field at the same time.

The necessary "Coins" to initially unlock and enhance soldiers can be acquired through various methods.
* Beating Stages
* Charge
The Charge Page will appear by pressing the "CHARGE" button placed underneath the Stage Selection screen.
Here you can also find "DAILY PRESENT" where you will get a free present of 1000 Coins everyday.

[Soldier Types]

The most basic unit with average performance.
Cost: 3

The soldier can use ranged attacks.
Cost: 5

A good tank which will be a centerpiece of your defensive strategy.
Cost: 6

He has strong attackpower and can push enemies back.
Cost: 6

Though lacking physical strength, he is gifted with high agility.
Cost: 2

He can strike multiple enemies within his range.
Cost: 6

A unit hell-bent on attacking.
Upon death it explodes and inflicts a great amount of damage on nearby enemies.
Cost: 8

The number of skull marks which appears on the lower left corner of the battle screen indicates the number of soldiers defeated by foes.
The Commander's anger will increase each time soldiers are killed, and
once her anger reaches a certain level, you can initiate special skills.

* You will learn more skills by beating stages.

[Skill Types]

"Healing Potion"
Restores the commander's life.

Blasts a deadly bullet into the enemy formation.

"Big Healing Potion"
Restores a big amount of the commander's life.

"Missile Support"
Request a missile strike from the HQ.

iPhone3GS or above (iOS4.3 or above)

iPhone Screenshots

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AMPED WARS screenshot 1 AMPED WARS screenshot 2 AMPED WARS screenshot 3

App Changes

  • July 19, 2012 Initial release
  • August 04, 2012 New version 1.1

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