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Fortuna down to earth , and we come please Fortuna bar.
Some people are born lucky , do not strive to have a lot of money , some people can only get how hard hard low wages, in fact, this is because each person 's wealth, much bothering wealth of ancient people . " Wealth down to earth " to help you quickly , please God of Wealth into place, as you explore new wealth.
" Wealth down to earth " contains a variety of mini-games to increase wealth , such as counting money games, make a wish , please God of Wealth and so on. A small amount of money can increase your grasp of the game of luck , so you can catch sight firmly fortunes . Wishing you can make your plans for the future development , to their entering into a goal to inspire your own fortune. Finally we go to Fortuna on your phone, so you Fortuna greatly care , so the way you make money without hindrance .
" Fortuna down to earth " is a very useful mobile applications , you save a lot of steps down to earth please God of Wealth , in one step, multi worship the God of Wealth wealth of natural open May your fortunes . If you like this application , to introduce it to your friends now .

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  • June 08, 2014 Initial release