What's New

New features:

a. Numeric keypad option for passcode entry when first use or when resetting passcode.
b. Picker list for noteType.
c. Tap Logo in Setup Info screen to open the Pnotes website for support info.
d. Tap Pnotes version number in Setup Info screen to download this guide.
e. Two data records have been added as default entries.
f. New alphabet indexing for Pnotes table view.
g. Advanced features: FTP csv file import and export functions.

Bug fixes:

a. Crash under the following scenario: When user clears content of the title and saves the entry as blank, the app will crash and will not launch afterwards
b. In Pnotes Details screen above, the app will not respond to user tap when user taps the text area of the data. User has to tap the “>” icon before it switches to the data entry screen.
c. In Pnotes Details screen above, the screen may NOT be scrolled to the top when user re-enters the screen.
d. When Pnotes is used in the very first time, user may see an issue with the 2nd entry not being shown after the user modifies the title of the first notes immediately adding another new notes. The problem is described in the Pnotes website.

App Description

Pnotes is a simple app for managing and organizing "Personal" notes.

The app allows users to store and retrieve user IDs, passwords, secure questions, account numbers for Internet accounts. It also provides miscellaneous entries for personal uses. Examples are medical chart numbers, stock brokerage, bank & credit card accounts, online shopping, & news accounts, paraphrase (key) for home wireless WiFi router, access ID and passwords for home external data storage, automobile master lock code, serial# for electric appliances, electronic gadgets, software keys, insurance account access, home utilities accounts … etc, to name a few.

*** By design, Pnotes does not prompt for user registration. Creator of Pnotes has no knowledge of who downloads the App or who is using it. There is no external connection to the internet. The utmost goal is to maintain user privacy and security.

A. Key features

1. All the important data entries are encrypted based on the application program interface (API) provided by iOS.

2. The App is a passcode-protected using a unique tapping scheme or via standard numeric keypad.

3. It provides "Days Old" setting to trigger reminder for changing passwords of the outdated accounts. The entry will be highlighted and a badge number is shown in the tab bar icon to indicate the outdated passwords.

B. Problems to solve

This app is created based on the creator's personal experience of managing and organizing user's online accounts.

1. With Pnotes, there is no problem of visiting less frequent websites. The login info is always at your finger tip.

2. For security, it is always a good practice to change password regularly to minimize stolen IDs.

3. Various websites enforce different formats such as the requirement of special characters, upper/lower cases, and character limit.

D. Operating instructions:

1) Key Signature screen [A one-time setup for encryption]

a. In "Key" text box, enter up to 32 characters
b. In "Confirm" text box, repeat the string.
c. Click "Done" button to process the Key Signature.

2) 4 digit login passcode screen

Note: Each uses the number of user taps for digit.

a. Click the box to highlight (gray color).
b. Tap the pad area to provide number of taps
c. Repeat step a & b for the remaining digits.
d. Click Enter for login.
e. The code will display briefly to allow user to check the entries.

Note: Please visit www.idreamutilities.com for the latest documentation & provide feedback.

App Screen Shots

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App Changes

October 30, 2013 New version 1.1.1
April 22, 2012 New version 1.1.0
January 09, 2012 Initial Release

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