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Heres a free version of the popular and addictive Scratchys Mission.

Check out the following impressive review: Rated 5/5 *****

Scratchy is in a mission. He has been stranded on top of a cliff many metres above sea level and he really wants to go home. Only you can help him. Are you ready for the challenge?

His only chance of survival is a hang glider and your skills and precision.

Risky! indeed, but it's sure worth a try. So get ready to fly your way back home with just the push of a button. After all it's better than just staying on top of a cliff all by yourself.

Your Aim:
Fly from cliff to cliff through many levels of fun using a hang glider.
Be careful at the speed you jump off from the cliffs or you will never help Scratchy to make it home.
Run too fast and you will miss the next cliff, run too slow and you won't reach the next cliff.
It's all about jumping and diving at the correct speeds to make it through.
Once you reach home you will move on to the next level, which will present you with new challenges and obstacles.

* Beautiful colourful scenery.
* Day, Sunset and Night landscapes to add variation.
* Extremely smooth screen scrolling as you fly through the levels.
* Really smooth and cute stickman animations.
* Random graphics for every level.
* Music and funny sounds so you will find this stick character just hilarious.
* Really easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master.
* Free version is restricted to just 15 levels.
* Check points in order to save your progress so you don't have to start the game from the beginning everytime you play.
* Collect coins to get points.
* Many humor bits.
* Online Scores so you can record your top scores and flying distances. Get the full version to get more points.
* More to come in future updates.

Surveyed 20 people at random and this was what people thought of Scratchy's Mission prior to its official release: 100% un-biased results:

* If you want a funny and very enjoyable and playable stickman game, then this is it. The interaction is great, it is very simple to play, so ideal for all ages.
A definate 5/5.

* Love this game. Hundred levels is quite a lot of fun. The first few levels start really small and can be completed in little time. Higher levels get tricky though. The learning curve is very good. Levels get harder as you progress, so you need to work at it from level 1.
A must have game. Rated:4/5.

* Havent seen a game like this yet, and must say it works brilliantly. Simple with just 1 button. Press button to run and change directions. Dive from cliffs in order to land on other cliffs and eventually complete the levels. High end levels got tricky and I lost many times, but I did get through in the end. A really great app. The animations are smooth and the best I have seen on stickmen. The music is very retro and the sounds were just funny. A highly recommended game. There should be more unique apps like this.

* As soon as I started playing Scracthys Mission I was instantly hooked. The graphics and animation are really slick. I must say it is a very entertaining game and completely different to what I have seen before.
I am open to suggestions. Anything you would like to see in future updates, please do let me know. I'll work hard to fit all nice ideas to the game.

Check the official page or just check the video.

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  • June 16, 2014 Initial release