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From Distribution Access, educate and delight junior to advanced students with fascinating, teacher approved educational videos. Share them easily in the classroom at school or online with Facebook or Twitter.

Videos included:

Environment - We take a look at all things green and eco-friendly, from a biodegradable cellphone to recycling beer bottles.

Biophysical Environment - Interactions between the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere at three scales including global latitude and vegetation patterns, regional watershed, and local mangroves.

Design and the Environment - This program looks at designs that have both made major contributions to society and had negative environmental consequences.

The Greenhouse Effect: Climate Change and Global Warming - This program clearly explains the science of greenhouse effect and the evidence that we are causing climate change.

Climate Change: Our Responsibility - This program establishes the vital importance of the greenhouse effect for life on Earth and then presents a balanced argument to assess whether or not anthropogenic climate change (often called global warming) is in fact taking place.

Climate Change: Classroom Video Issues 2 - This program poses questions for debate and discussion in the classroom surrounding climate change.

Developments in the Food Industry Parts 1 and 2 - This video explores the impact of technology on food production and development of new and emerging foods.

Computers in Food Technology - Topics include: market research, how consumer trends are analyzed using bar coding and the New Foods Database to assess competition; the test kitchen, use of on-line tools to instantly assess the nutritional qualities and costs of test recipes.

Nanotechnology: An Introduction - This program is presented in clear-cut sections: What is nanotechnology?; Units: micrometer and nanometer; Special properties of nanoparticles; The gecko effect; Carbon nanotubes; Surface energy; hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces; The lotus effect; Use of lasers in nanotechnology; Issues raised by nanotechnology.

MegaWorld: United States (West)- This fascinating special takes a closer look at how American scientists and engineers tackle unusual challenges through innovation.

Mighty Ships: HDMS Absalon - Modern-day pirates have been terrorizing the waters off Somalia, capturing ships and taking hostages at gunpoint with increasing frequency. Brand-new and state-of-the-art, HDMS Absalon has set sail to stop them.

Birth of a Sports Car - From artists to clay modelers, from woodworking craftsmen to auto mechanics, from crash test dummies to upper management, the successes and setbacks, the nail-biting and the celebration, Birth of a Sports Car will reveal the technological mysteries and challenges in the design, development and production of a superior automobile.

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New Features:
- HD video for ipad or iPhone
- Watch online or offline
- In-app downloads to 'watch later'
- Share updates with friends on Facebook, Twitter and email
same comment as before
- Auto video bookmarks and multi-tasking with state preservation
- Dock to projectors and external monitors

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  • June 14, 2014 Initial release