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IntelliShop aims to make you a more frugal and better-organized grocery shopper with powerful price comparison features, but some adjustments are required before it can be truly stellar.

What's New

We are totally committed to the App Store for the long term, and we are constantly working on improving HappyList.

------- Version 3.2.1 -------

● Some enhancements to the user experience.
● Minor bug fixes.

------- Version 3.2 -------

● Barcode: you can add, edit and delete a barcode directly from the window with details of an item.
● Find/Create, History and Favorites windows are now grouped together, so you can switch quickly from one to the other.
● You can create a new item from within History and Favorites windows.
● Settings: you can choose the currency.
● iOS 7-style icon.
● Added french language thanks to Patrice J. Ferriere.
● Added support for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad Air and iPad mini Retina.

● Some enhancements to the user experience.
● Minor bug fixes.

We want to thank each and every one of you for your continued and amazing support. We are already working on our next update, and can't wait to bring you a new version of HappyList. Stay tuned for more exciting HappyList additions. And when you have a minute, don't forget to leave a review on the App Store. That helps us a lot, thank you!

App Description

Why spend more when you can buy the same item at a lower price? Save on shopping without saving on quality: if you want to shop wisely, HappyList is the app for you.
● Chosen by Apple: App Store Rewind 2011
● Featured by Apple: section 'Cooking' --> 'Tools & Shopping'

"Thanks to saved money I have already recovered the app cost"
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"I've been trying different apps to find a great shopping list, and now I've found it"
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"HappyList is an uncluttered, well-organized shopping list that is surprisingly easy to navigate and use"
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"I don't see myself without this app"
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Grab your wallet and open it. Would you throw away the money it contains? Actually it's exactly what happens every time you go shopping at the first store you meet. Why? Because it isn't easy to remember the price of each item for each store. But with HappyList you can save all the prices you want, and buy each item at the best price.
Moreover, at the end of the shopping trip, archive the list. In this way you not only can reuse the list itself, but you can also answer questions like: 'How much money would I waste by buying every item at the highest price?' or 'How much money would I save by buying all items at the lowest price?'. And again, 'Who is the retailer, in overall, with lowest prices? And for the category Fruit and Vegetables?'. HappyList answers these and many other questions, and pays for itself just after a few purchases.

--- SAVE MONEY ---
● Are you able to remember all the prices for each store? No? No problem: with HappyList you can save all the prices you want
● The 6x pack or the 10x pack? Which one is more convenient? Insert the package size, and read the price per unit
● Why spend more? Compare prices of various stores, and compare the cost of the list according to stores
● Do you want to save the most money possible? Select the lowest price for all the items in a list
● Are you absent-minded? Color pricing, to identify on the fly items you're paying too much
● Do you want to learn more about your stores? Identify cheaper and most expensive stores (overall and grouped by aisles)
● Do you like to make calculations? No? Find out how much money you can save or waste for each list

--- SAVE TIME ---
● Do you like to type on the keyboard? No? HappyList has more than 3200 preloaded items
● Do you like to type on the keyboard? No? Scan the barcode (only for devices with autofocus camera)
● How often do you forget to buy something? HappyList is always with you, on your device
● Do you buy often the same things? Reuse archived lists, add items to your favorites and browse your purchase history
● Do you waste a lot of time walking through the aisles of the store? Organize items in aisles, and change aisles order to suit your local store

● Do you want to share lists with your family, or synchronize them on multiple devices? Enable the Dropbox sync
● Are you afraid of losing your data? Backup and restore features are for you
● Do you need to send the list to someone else? You can do this via email, SMS or iMessage
● Do you have various devices? Universal app: pay once, use anywhere (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)
● Do you like to customize your stuff? Choose among 12 different color templates and among 10 fonts, and choose how to sort lists and items

The matching between barcodes and items is managed in a social way, through the community of users. Inevitably, in the beginning only few barcodes will be recognized. But the more people use HappyList, the better HappyList will get.

If you have problems or suggestions please contact us via support@ameridea.com (you can do this from within the app itself). We are not able to help you if you simply leave a comment on the App Store. We give the greatest importance to the quality and reliability of the application, and we will be happy to solve any problem.

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App Changes

July 17, 2014 Price Decrease: $3.99 -> $2.99
March 14, 2014 Price Decrease: $3.99 -> $1.99
March 07, 2014 Price Decrease: $3.99 -> $1.99
May 25, 2011 Initial Release