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You've suddenly found yourself on the magical island of SillyBandz where your favorite collectible toys have come to life!

SillyBandz Island, an amazingly beautiful yet mysterious place, has been overrun by strange little creatures called SillyStarz and it is now up to you to round 'em all up and put 'em all away.

Are you up for the task?

Journey across 60 different levels on SillyBandz Magical Island, collecting 40 unique SillyBandz that you can use on your quest to collect all the SillyStars!

The cute and lovable "Stella" the Puppy (the officially unofficial SillyBandz mascot) guides you along your journey exploring beaches, forests, volcanoes, clouds and outer space as you try to unlock the island's secrets and find your way back home!


* 60 exciting levels
* Unique collectibles
* 5 themes: The Beach, The Forest, The Volcano, The Clouds (*NEW*) and Outer Space (*NEW*)
* A Variety of powerups
* 4 exciting Challenges: Floating Hoop, Eagle Eye, Hit the Hoops & Quick Flinger
* Addictive, unfettered gameplay for ages 1 through 101
* Complex achievement system, for the older kids and adults who like to be challenged

What the critics are saying about SillyBandz:

lunchbox "The Best Kids Apps Reviewed" - 4 1/2 out of 5 Stars!

Family Friendly Gaming - 89 out of 100 points. - SillyBandz has solid production values. Each SillyBandz shape transforms into the object it’s shaped as when you shoot it, and plays a little music as well. You can go into your SillyBandz collection at anytime to see the object and hear the accompanying sound effects. Don’t write off SillyBandz as just a game for kids. It is a refreshing break from your average Angry Birds clone.

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