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We hope you will see Leaves Of Late Fall to be more than just an app that displays a collection of leaves. Through this app we encourage you to take a second look at all the 'ordinary' things in your life. Things that you pass by every day and never give a thought to. Things that seem to look the same every time you look at them, but are they really?

What are the chances that within this small sampling of leaves that these exact ones were selected? Out of the billions, these very leaves were spared the normal fate of being blown off a lawn and into the woods, instead they were photographed, prepared, and inserted into this app. What was the endless line of variables that caused them to be shaped the way they are, holes from bugs, shades of brown, red, and green?

So it's your call. Are each and every one of these leaves a magnificent work of art, worthy of your consideration, wonder, amazement, and contemplation. Worthy of perhaps being hung in an art gallery instead of swept away into the woods to decompose and become fuel for further generations of leaves? Or is this all just a bunch of nonsense, a waste of time, not art? If so we ask you then, what is it that makes something worthy and another not? One thing quality and another not? And can quality even be defined?

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