What's New

Photoshop PSD Import/Export.
• Import layered PSD files with vector paths and effects.
• Shape layers are imported as editable vector paths.
• Layer effects are imported as fully editable drop shadows, glows, etc.
• Export designs as layered PSD files.

Document Color Management.
• Per-document color profiles.
• Assign and convert colors to a different profile (Modify > Color Settings…).

New Blend Modes.
• 8 new blend modes including Linear Burn, Linear Dodge, Vivid Light, Linear Light,
Pin Light, Hard Mix, Subtract, Divide.
• Existing blend modes (such as Color Dodge) have been improved to ensure they match
the appearance of imported PSD files.

OpenGL-optimized Drawing.
• Significantly faster rendering of complex projects.
• Multi-threaded drawing ensures lag-free scrolling and zooming.

Instant Image Masking.
• Instantly mask effects and other fills by an image with transparency.
• Toggle masking using the 'Set as transparency mask' setting in the Appearance pane.

Per-Shape Blending.
• Apply blend modes to individual shapes and groups.
• Apply blend modes to strokes and fills in the Appearance Pane.

Inner and Outer Strokes.
• Set strokes to be positioned centered, inside, or outside of a path.

Angle Gradients.
• New 'Angle Gradient' setting in the Fill pane.

Outline Mode.
• Toggle outline drawing (Modify > Color Settings…).

Hex Color Picker.
• Hex value color picker in the color popup.

Import PDF Annotations.
• Import shape, highlight, and text annotations.
• Improved support for embedded fonts.

Scissor Tool.
• Cut a path into multiple sections, at anchor points, or anywhere along its length.
• Available from the Pen Tool's options, or activated directly using the 'c' keyboard shortcut.

Join Multiple Paths.
• 'Modify > Join Paths' can now combine multiple paths together at the same time.
• Select several paths and choose 'Join Paths' to join all of paths together at their endpoints.

Connect Endpoints
• 'Modify > Connect Endpoints' links the nearest endpoints of each path with line segments.
• The endpoints of multiple selected paths can be connected to create a single path.

Disconnect Path
• Explode an entire path into separate disconnected segments. (Modify > Disconnect Path).
• Reconnect a path after editing it using the 'Connect Path' or 'Join Path' commands.

Erase Images and Gradients
• The eraser tool can now be used to erase portions of images and gradient fills.
• Boolean combinations can also now be used in the same way to trim images and gradient fills.

Improved Text to Path
• Converting text objects to editable paths now creates individual shapes for each glyph.
• Image and gradient fills applied across a text object are accurately cropped to each shape.

Copy/Paste Appearance Items
• Copy individual stroke, fill, shadow, glow, etc. items and paste them on other shapes.
• Quickly re-use the same image and gradient fill settings among different shapes.
• Right-click on an item in the 'Appearance: Effects' pane and choose 'Copy' / 'Paste'.

Other Improvements
- Zoom tool: click and drag to zoom in on a specific area.
- SVG Export: added options for converting to sRGB and scaling embedded images.
- PDF Import: improvements to text positioning and various other fixes.
- Eraser tool: cut the paths of unfilled shapes.
- Text tool: custom text kerning and line height fields.
- Improved Gradient tool.
- Significant performance improvements. Reduced memory usage, smaller file sizes,
and many overall performance optimizations.
- Many other misc. fixes and improvements.

New in 2.3.1: Fixed a drawing issue on Retina displays.

App Description

iDraw is a powerful feature-packed vector drawing and illustration application for Mac OS X.

"Lightweight vector drawing; easy to use; 9/10" - Mac.AppStorm.net
Featured in "Amazing Mac Apps", "...very powerful at a very decent price" - iCreate Magazine

iDraw has all of the tools you need to create everything from detailed technical illustrations to beautiful works of art. Create intricate designs quickly and easily, and continue working on the go with iDraw for the iPad.

Create resolution-independent illustrations that can be pasted into Pages documents, included in Keynote presentations, or used together with iBooks Author.

Notable features:
- SVG, PDF, EPS import
- Shape libraries
- Styles library
- Boolean path combinations
- Canvas scale, Rulers, and Units (mm, cm, inches)
- Dimensioning
- Layers, Text, Images, Multi-color Gradients, RGB color picker, Brushes, Bezier Pen Tool, customizable Canvas Templates, Masking, PDF import and export, and much more!

- Brush and Pencil tools for fluid drawing and sketching
- Essential set of shape creation tools
- Multiple layers
- Powerful Pen tool for creating custom shapes
- Pen tool multi-point selection and editing
- Multi-color gradient editor
- Text styling
- Shadows
- Images - rotate, scale, with alpha transparency
- Snap to Grid
- Canvas Styles
- Group / Lock / Lock Aspect ratio
- Export designs as vector-based PDF and SVG files

App Screen Shots

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App Changes

September 26, 2013 New version 2.3.1
October 31, 2012 New version 2.2
August 17, 2012 New version 2.1
April 07, 2012 New version 2.0.4
December 16, 2011 New version 2.0.3
October 11, 2011 New version 2.0.2
August 25, 2011 Initial Release

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