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A magical cube of 729 cells was found near a pyramid. After toying around with it, scientists discovered that this cube is actually an ancient simulation of cellular automata. This discovery has changed the way scientists and historians view the ancient pyramids. Were they massive cellular automata simulations as well?

Cellular Automata is based on a grid of cells that are either on (alive) or off (dead). How these cells become on or off is determined by the state of it’s neighbors. For example, if a cell is one and it has 4 neighboring cells that are also on, the rules might determine that this cell should die because of overcrowding. Out of these simple rules, interesting patterns emerge over time.

Ancient Life provides you the ability to run such a simulation with these added features:

- You a 3D grid,rather than the traditional 2D grid, to work with.
- All the rules governing how live and dead cells react to their neighbors are completely customizable
- Ancient Life provides with various views to observer the simulation in realtime.
- You can interfere with the simulation as you wish by double tapping a cell to either to turn it off or on.

Remember, the cat is there to keep you company.

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Ancient Life CA screenshot 1 Ancient Life CA screenshot 2 Ancient Life CA screenshot 3 Ancient Life CA screenshot 4

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