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Well paying careers demand skills like problem solving, reasoning, decision making, and applying solid strategies etc. and Algebra provides you with a wonderful grounding in those skills - not to mention that it can prepare you for a wide range of opportunities.

This is a COMPLETE Pre-Algebra guide to well over 325 rules, definitions and examples, including number line, integers, rational numbers, scientific notation, median, like terms, equations, Pythagorean theorem and much more! It will take you step-by-step through the basic building blocks of Algebra giving you a solid foundation for further studies.

Need some practice? No problem. As an IN-APP PURCHASE we offer 2 'Practice Packs' that will help you practice the rules covered in this reference guide. The PDF's you buy are yours to keep and can be viewed, emailed or printed giving you a great way to get the most out of this guide. **Please note: The practice packs are NOT yet interactive. You will need to print them out and scribble on them with one of those old fashioned pencil devices :)


• Number Line
• Inequality Symbols
• Comparing and Ordering
• Graphs of Real, Integer & Whole Numbers
• Adding Positive & Negatives
• Subtracting Numbers & Opposites
• Multiplying & Dividing Positive & Negatives
• Properties of Real Numbers
• Exponents & Properties

• Order of Operations
• Divisibility Tests
• Greatest Common Factor (G.C.F.)
• Least Common Multiple (L.C.M.)
• Rational Numbers, Proper, Improper Fractions
• Reducing Proper & Improper Fractions
• Adding Fractions
• Subtracting Fractions
• Multiplying Fractions
• Dividing Fractions

• Adding & Subtracting Decimals
• Multiplying Decimals
• Dividing Decimals
• Fractions to Decimals
• Decimals to Fractions
• Rounding Decimals
• Scientific Notation
• Percent
• Percent Problems
• Averages & Means

• Medians
• Mode & Range
• Variables, Coefficients & Terms, Degrees
• Like / Unlike Terms
• Polynomials / Degrees
• Distributive Property
• Add/Subtract Polynomials
• Expression Evaluation
• Open Sentence / Solutions
• One-Step Equations

• Solving ax+b = c Equations
• Solving ax+b = cx+d Equations
• Solving a Proportion
• From Words to Symbols
• Square Roots / Radical Sign
• Pythagorean Theorem

Algebra is a very unique discipline. It is very abstract. The abstractness of algebra causes the brain to think in totally new patterns. That thinking process causes the brain to work, much like a muscle. The more that muscle works out, the better it performs on OTHER tasks. In simple terms, algebra builds a better brain! Believe it or not algebra is much easier to learn than many of us think and this guide helps make it even easier!

Like all our 'phoneflips', this app has NO annoying ads, never needs an internet connection to access content, and wont take up much space on your device!

Thank you!

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