What's New

New in Version 2.0:
* (OS Version 3.0 ONLY) - added undo feature. Now you can undo your last moves back to the beginning of the puzzle even if you quit the game and come back. If you have the auto-complete feature turned on, the undo also properly reverts any entries entered automatically.
* New look and feel. The application now has a new color theme and the buttons and text have been rearranged for improved usability
* Each level now has a different sized grid. In version 1.0, each level just had smaller puzzles, but this version switches to a different sized grid for each level (level one uses a 6x8 grid, level two uses a 7x9, etc, up to the level 5 puzzles which use a 10x12 grid)
* There is now an auto-save timer that saves the game every minute to make sure you can always get back to where you left off
* Added a first time view. The first time you launch the application it will offer you the ability to review the help page and learn how to play the game.
* Added a keyboard click sound for feedback

Bugs fixed in Version 2.0
* Fixed double click bug to approve auto-entered value
* The application did not pause the puzzle if the game was interrupted (by a phone call or going to sleep). This version properly pauses the game so the timer does not run while interrupted.
* The currently selected cell is now saved off and restored when the game is stopped and started.
* If you have highlight errors turned on, the game now shows the errors when the game is restarted instead of waiting until the first entry is made
* Fixed a bug where the game could think that you have solved it, even if all of the boxes were not filled in.

App Description

This game is a tribute to the classic math puzzle game called CrossSums. Long before the popularity of Kakuro puzzles, people have been turning to puzzles like CrossSums as a way to keep their minds sharp as they age.

This free version is a great way to try out the challenge of level 1 puzzles. Level 1 puzzles have no more than 3 in a row and are designed for the beginner to get the hang of the strategies required to solve the puzzles.

The full version is also available and contains 5 levels of challenging puzzles with increasing difficulty. The level 5 puzzles are extremely challenging for advanced puzzle solving fun.

This game provides a never ending supply of CrossSums puzzles because each puzzle is randomly generated on the fly.

This game has the following features:

* 15 level 1 puzzle grids
* Dynamically generated endless puzzle possibilities
* Timer to keep track of the fastest solutions to each puzzle.
* Hints available to give a starting point on difficult puzzles
* Auto-complete for faster game play by automatically completing rows or columns where only one box remains empty.
* Highlight errors allows the game to show rows or columns with incorrect values.

iPhone Screenshots

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CrossSums Lite screenshot 1 CrossSums Lite screenshot 2

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