What's New

- Fixed a bug when showing a location on the external Maps app on iOS5 and later.
- Fixed a bug in some UTM regions in Norway
- This build of iGCT runs on any device with iOS3.0 or higher
- Added a link to the App Store for upgrading to iGCT PRO with extra features available on iOS4.2 or higher.

App Description

Geocaching is a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure.
A multi-cache involves two or more locations. Clues guide the geocacher from location to location. Sometimes these clues involve a puzzle, some calculations (e.g. on text or using roman numbers) or projecting a new waypoint using distances and bearings. Sometimes the calculations are easy, but this toolkit can help when calculations become tedious while out there in the field.

This geocaching toolkit can help you using the following features:

Waypoint Calculations
- Conversion of degrees, minutes and seconds to other formats
- Conversion between WGS84 and UTM coordinates
- For my Dutch friends the RD coordinates are included
- Also the Swiss grid is supported
- Show the entered Latitude/Longitude using the iPhone map application
- Project a waypoint by specifying distance and bearing
- Calculate distance and bearing between two waypoints
- Intersect two lines using two waypoints and bearings
- Intersect two circles using two waypoints and distances

Text Calculations
- Calculate the sum of the character values in one or more words
- Choose between a=1, b=2 etc., the inverse a=26, b=25 etc. or the phonepad abc=2, def=3 etc.
- Also calculate the sum of all digits of the result
- Repeat summation of digits until 1 digit remains

Hint decryption
- Decrypt encrypted hint text to plain text

Roman numbers
- Convert between roman numbers and decimal values and vice versa

NOTE: This toolkit will work on an iPhone and an iPod touch.
If you use the GPS to determine your current location, best results are obtained using an iPhone 3G.
Calculated locations can be shown on google maps provided you have an internet connection.

More technical information and help can be found on the website igct.btstsoft.nl.

iPhone Screenshots

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Geocaching Toolkit iGCT screenshot 1 Geocaching Toolkit iGCT screenshot 2 Geocaching Toolkit iGCT screenshot 3 Geocaching Toolkit iGCT screenshot 4 Geocaching Toolkit iGCT screenshot 5

App Changes

  • April 04, 2012 New version 2.0

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