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Welcome to dangerous world, You can select a hero to explore the mysterious world, a roguelike world. In this world, you will meet various monsters who have different attack skills. Picking up gear you find, use or equip it to enhance your ability. The dungeons, monsters and traps are randomly generated, so you can't predict what you're going to meet next. Don’t feel bad, move forward carefully step by step, the knowledge you master would help to enjoying adventure.

Before starting the adventure, you can see what the four heroes said to you:
I’m A, one of my great pleasures in a dangerous world is dungeon to explore. It is because I could bear enemy’s forceful attack and less chance of dying,some may even 
call me pachyderms, I really hate it when people say this 
to me. It sounded absolutely unfriendly! I do want to be a high amount of hit points guy. I prepare for riches from the 
dungeon,they are valuable thing, you just don't give it away for nothing. I would took some to the market and sold 
them for  golds,then build a  little restaurant somewhere 
with the dough I made. I love food, cooking and share delicacies. Aa ha,it was nothing to fight the enemy too. By the way, My hair is brown.

I’m B, poor guys can't help admiring my muscular bodies. 
I'm good at running and swimming and every possible 
exercise. I am a man of great might. In this age of evil creature rampage, it’s too important that one can swing the sword with aplomb. So not only do we want the weapons to play a bit differently, we want the moves to feel and look different from how you swing them to how they kill 
opponents. To slay monsters across the world is a pleasure. The actually words that hostile dungeon is not the playground for sissy with less strength seems full of meaning
 discrimination,I only  tell the truth. above all I have beautiful brown hair that no one else has. 

I’m C, My motto is " take strength from reading." I am sure the right way to decode the secrets of the world is careful 
observations and finding the patterns behind those events. These nature magic would prove to be at least as powerful as the awe-inspiring strength of the mighty. That ultimate power hidden everything are very powerful and can defeat an elder dragon easily, sometimes this power can force it run away before the fight starts. The road ahead is not smooth,
my mentor said to me ,after all, to summarize the 
experiences of predecessors ,I can go ahead with it. I am embarking on an adventure and a challenge in this mysterious 
world, and we are eager to begin. When I think of the joy, stimulation, wealth and memorable experience, my hair itself seems to glow.

I’m D, an explorer with an average face and green hair. According to normal Role Playing Game, Is my most likely occupation swordsman, wizard or druid? Who knows, it may be true! I can grasp the heaviest weaponry due to great 
power,I can ensure enemy’s mutual destruction due to strong body ,I always felt alert, clearheaded, and intelligent.
 I've already gone to so many places and have seen all manner
 of monsters. there are still many fields unexplored.
In my opinion, swordsmanship and casting spells should be harmonious with each other. I will almost always defeat the enemies and win by a kind of most felicitous way,Otherwise I'll have no such a chance to introduce myself.

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App Changes

  • December 07, 2017 Initial release
  • December 07, 2017 Price decrease: $3.99 -> $0.99
  • December 08, 2017 Price decrease: $0.99 -> FREE!