YouTube Playlist Creation With PlayBox

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 26th, 2011

Regular YouTube app users will have noticed that there's no way of creating a list of YouTube videos to play automatically. That is until now in the form of free app PlayBox.

PlayBox allows users to easily create playlists and add any videos on YouTube. It's easy to search through the site from within the app and then tap an option or two in order to add them to the playlist. Users can create as many playlists as they want so it's simple to have one for a workout while another could form a comedy playlist full of videos to cheer even the darkest of souls up.

Once a video ends, the playlist immediately moves onto the next making for an ideal app to listen to via the headphones. Headphone controls can also manipulate the app just like with the iPod app.

Backup options via email are also present for users switching between different devices.

PlayBox looks like an ideal solution for anyone wanting to watch or listen to plenty of YouTube videos in a row.