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3D Without Glasses For The iPad Thanks To CineXPlayer

Posted by Jennifer Allen on September 28th, 2011
iPad App - Designed for iPad
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3D screens have come a heck of a long way in recent years. Once seen as a gimmicky technology that never quite achieved the desired affect, they're now taking over the technological world. 3D screens at the cinema work great with the current biggest film at the box office being a 3D version of classic Disney flick, The Lion King. 3D TVs are spreading throughout people's living rooms and even the handheld world benefits from the Nintendo 3DS and its glasses-less 3D capabilities. Now the potential of 3D reaches iOS devices courtesy of the CineXPlayer.

The potential is pretty impressive with users being able to watch 3D movies on their iPad with or without 3D glasses. The CineXPlayer software supports viewing with regular standard glasses, otherwise known as anaglyph (red/blue) glasses. These work by providing different images to the left and right eye through different colored filters. Another option is thanks to a partnership with GRilli3D. Users can also watch without glasses thanks to the GRilli3D protective filter on the screen that provides the glasses-free experience by placing a series of 'barrier lines' across the display, thus blocking different parts of the image to each eye. This 3D filter sheet is available for about $30.

Even more exciting is the potential for converting 2D imagery to 3D courtesy of CineXPlayer's real-time conversion capabilities which can generate a 3D effect for any Xvid video file. CineXPlayer's 3D capabilities also work with 3D content from 3D cameras providing a well rounded experience for those users keen to embrace all things 3D.

To further enhance such technological innovations, come October 28th, CineXPlayer will be updated with AC3 (Dolby Mobile) support making it the first app with official Dolby support. Impressive stuff, indeed, and a mere glimpse of what the future could hold for handheld technology.

CineXPlayer is available now for $2.99 with an in-app purchase for $1.99 to enable 3D support.

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