TumbleOn Distills Tumblr to What's Most Important: All Photos, All The Time

Posted by Carter Dotson on July 9th, 2012

As a blogging platform, Tumblr is good for many things – particularly the way that it allows content to be shared and spread virally. It is an overwhelmingly visual platform, though, and pictures are a huge part of the Tumblr experience. Thus, TumbleOn was born to distill Tumblr to its essence: it’s all about viewing pictures on Tumblr, all the time. Users can log in to their Tumblr account, and view their timeline just based on photos. The app handles GIFs and photosets extremely well, which is a good thing because Tumblr is all about sets of GIFs. Tapping on a photo pulls up the whole post, allowing for the whole set to be viewed, along with the text that ccompanies the post. Photos can be reblogged and liked on Tumblr from within the app, along with being saved and emailed. Want to upload photos to Tumblr? Use TumbleOn! WIth the iPad app, there’s no better way to upload photos, because Tumblr still won’t make their official app iPad-compatible! TumbleOn is avialable in both iPad and iPhone versions, and the iPhone one is free until July 13th. Get tumbling!