Take A Nap With The Nap App

Posted by Chris Hall on March 11th, 2010
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

I got word of the Nap App a number of weeks ago and was excited about the opportunity to have an app for that too. After thinking about the concept though, it seemed as though the iPhone's clock app could do the exact same thing, rendering the nap app useless.

I still had hope for this Nap App though. I sent the developer an email with a simple suggestion... add a snooze button. The iPhone clock app just makes me wake up at a set time. I guess I could reset the timer for a 10 minute period, but by that point I would already be awake. I know that the point of a nap is to sleep for a limited period of time, but I always just want 10 more minutes!

To my surprise, Kevin Schaul, the creator of the Nap App just updated the app and added a 10 minute snooze button. He did post a warning on the update though, "be careful - a snooze button can become addictive!"

Today I took my first nap with the Nap App on the 20 min "Cat Nap" setting (a 60 min "Grizzly Nap" seemed a bit excessive), and then happily hit the snooze button after the time was up. Nothing is quite as nice as napping with a snooze option at the end.

Thanks Kevin!