First Look: Gelex, a Match-3 Game Developed by a 78 Year Old Grandmother

Posted by Jeff Scott on December 4th, 2009
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Gelex is not your average match-3 game. Not in many ways. For one, it's a bouncy, physics based Tetris like game, but the main reason is that it was developed by an 78 year old grandmother of 5, Maria Bila.

The game itself is a match-3 game that uses bouncy tetriminos that you can control for a certain amount of time as they fall. The goal is to match 3 of the same color in any formation. Obviously the more you match, the more points. After playing a few times, I've found the game rather satisfying. it's fun to be able to bounce the pieces into each other and have them force new matches. Satisfying indeed.

There do seem to be some odd game design issues, ones that I'm sure will get fixed. For one the pieces need to touch sides, touching a corner of a square to another pieces is not good enough. Another oddity is if the falling piece is above the cut off line, the game is over even if it hasn't landed yet. There are some other oddities -- I've had the game end for no apparent reason.

Now here's the best news, the game is free for launch right now, so grab it while you can. I'm sure it will improve, and even with the issues above, it is a rather fun take on a match-3 game.

Hit the jump for a few more screen shots of Gelex.