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Favorite Four: Video Game Companion Apps

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 8th, 2012

Many of us don't solely game on our iPhones or iPads, we game on consoles and PCs, too. Coinciding with that is one of the most exciting developments when it comes to iOS: apps that tie into other games. Whether it be through providing the latest match statistics while on the move, or through providing a new and cool way of controlling a console, there are some great crossovers going on. We take a look at the four best out there at the moment.

My Xbox Live
My Xbox Live ably demonstrates just how an official app for a console should deal with things. It leaves the currently EU only Official Playstation app behind in terms of functionality. Users can easily track and compare their achievements, change their Xbox Live avatar and check in with friends, all via the app. Most excitingly, iPad users can control their Xbox 360 with the app with media controls as well as access to a quick list of recent console activity.

World of Warcraft Mobile Armory
Despite a lull in subscriber numbers, World of Warcraft has continued to dominate the hearts and free time of many MMO gamers. The Mobile Armory means that even away from your PC, you can't escape the allure of the game. The app provides a way to view all your characters, along with stats, equipment and achievements. Guild stats and the in-game calendar are also viewable, so there's no excuse to miss that all-important raid. For the aspiring auctioneer, it's also possible to view how the latest auctions are progressing.

Call of Duty Elite
The biggest multiplayer FPS of them all? Maybe. Call of Duty Elite requires an Elite subscription but the app provides a plethora of statistics to make it worthwhile. Users can review recent matches, check how they're improving over time and what areas of the game they need to work on, such as if they excel at a particular weapon or not. It's also possible to view and edit custom classes, ready to implement when you're back in front of a console or PC.

Halo Waypoint
Another hugely popular multiplayer FPS is Halo. Unlike Call of Duty, there's no need for a separate subscription, users can dive right into Halo Waypoint. The app provides similar stats, offering game history breakdowns, campaign progress, weapon stats, as well as overhead views of all the maps. Challenges can also be created and tracked from the app, making it an ideal tool to dabble in during a lunch break.

Hot New Apps for 12/14/11

Posted by Rob LeFebvre on December 14th, 2011

Come one, come all, for another roundup of the hottest apps on the App Store today. We check all the hot trending places and list them here, for you, because we can, and because you are special to us.

Gameloft brings the Western wear to this party, with a free-to-play open-world mission based game that kind of reminds us of Red Dead Redemption. Collect 8 different horses, 19 weapons and a wide selection of clothes, ammo and other sweet western themed stuff across 40 missions.

Connect with your Halo:Reach stats and XBox LIVE playing friends with this trending app from Microsoft. Get direct access to your Waypoint Career progress along with all of your Halo: Reach stats, and even invite friends to play from the app itself.

Compose, play and record with up to four other rockin' friends with this innovative app from Fingerlab. Rockmate makes things easy ont he non-musician with smart chord progressions, separated guitar effects and in-house produced audio samples while also being fully customizable with multiple drum kits and keyboard sounds.

Use the power of light (and magnetism!) in this beautiful looking game from Foundation Mobile Games, LLC. Lumi HD. If pretty looking and sounding isn't enough, how about 10 levels to complete, Game Center support and acheivements? No? Well, there's also a ton of updates promised soon, including a butterfly race and "double rainbow" mode.