Utilize Your Free Time Better With Glomper

Posted by Jennifer Allen on August 6th, 2012
iPhone App - Designed for iPhone, compatible with iPad

Juggling free time to spend with friends and family can be a surprisingly stressful business. How often have you found yourself wondering when to fit people in, or worse of all, finding yourself with some extra time that you didn't realise you'd have, thus not having a plan sorted out? It's a blessed curse really, and it'd be so useful to be able to use that time better. Enter the solution: Glomper Free Time.

Glomper Free Time makes it much simpler to share free time with friends, colleagues and even strangers (if you so wish), by hitting the "I'm free" button, selecting a time and duration, with the app determining the location automatically.

Any friends nearby with the app can then see who's available and what kind of activity they want to get involved in for that period of time.

With enough users, Glomper Free Time should prove a great way of utilizing time better as well as meeting up with potential new friends. Just remember to encourage friends to sign up at the same time as yourself.

Glomper Free Time is out now and free to download.