Crabs & Penguins Asks If You Want a Coke With That Free Game

Posted by Carter Dotson on July 3rd, 2012
+ Universal App - Designed for iPhone and iPad

There’s a new game out on the App Store called Crabs & Penguins, and the origins of the game itself are somewhat interesting. The game is actually sponsored by Coca-Cola, and players can collect Coke bottle caps for bonus points in the game. There’s also McDonald’s logos that appear in the game. This is the second mobile game that Coca-Cola has sponsored, including Axon Runners which released recently, and actually has a new free version out.

Otherwise, this is an auto-runner where players control a crab that must collect sand dollars and stars to score points and increase the score multiplier. The game isn’t easy to get three stars in a level in; it takes some legitimate skill and mastery of the levels to get those high ranks. The game is very detailed visually, and is a big download at over 500 MB when installed on the device. The game is actually free, unlike Axon Runners’ paid version, though the Coke licensing feels a bit more apparent in this game. I mean, eventually the crab is riding on a Coke bottle through the latter half of the game’s 6 levels. No such thing as a free lunch.