I am happy to let readers know about the Monster series of educational apps by Wombi, as each of these apps stars a delightfully stylized monster who would like help in eating letters, numbers, shapes or colorful fruits to aid children in early recognition skills.

The first of this series is an app, Color Monster, previously released, in which a friendly monster asks to be fed fruits of different colors, also seen as this monster takes on the hue in question.

It is quite fun and charming to drag and drop the correct fruit into this creature’s mouth, but be aware that this monster is not a fan of being fed the wrong food and can get surly with comments that I genuinely enjoy as I have always appreciated flawed characters from my childhood such as Oscar the Grouch.

Other titles have recently been released with this same concept. From an octopus sea-captain monster who is fond of letters, a demanding if not high-strung pink monster in need of a lab assistant looking for the correct numbers, to a monster who is a messy chef in need of being fed foods crafted in different geometric shapes, each of these monsters lets it be known in his own special way both with positive re-enforcement as when being fed incorrectly, bringing a tremendous amount of wit and whimsy to these apps.

I appreciate this approach as many parents will turn to the iTunes store to find apps that will teach the basics of color, numbers, letter and shape recognition, and for their sake, it is important for adults to have fun with these apps as well as their children.

It is also worth noting that these apps are great for older children as well who are learning English and the many other languages in which these apps are offered, as one can remove visual hints seen within each app, making players rely on the spoken words – great for learning these concepts in other languages and making these apps easy or more difficult as seen in the settings of these apps.

Although the negative comments by these monsters are what I have touched upon here as they make these apps utterly unique, rest assured that positive feedback is also included when correct answers are given. My husband and I have had a lot of fun angering these monsters with incorrect foods for some good laughs, and I really enjoy the English-speaking voice actor chosen to deliver these lines, as these monsters are quirky as they are easily frustrated but never mean-spirited or over-the-top.

I am open to the possibility that the youngest, most sensitive children may not enjoy being corrected in this manner by these monster creatures, and that these apps may not be a proper match for all families, but for those looking for yearly education apps that are irreverent, witty and cool, do check out the Monster series of apps by Wombi. Please also note that Shape Monsters is a free app, allowing families to check out what these apps have to offer.

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