I am quite pleased to let readers know about Fairytale Maze 123, the third in a series of Maze apps by GiggleUp.

My son and I are huge fans of these mazes, as they are the ones chosen by my son to work with over and over again. He was tickled pink to explore Fairytale Maze 123, as this app weaves wonderful fairytale elements within, including oftentimes iconic characters as well as other details my son simply adores.

It made me smile how my son knew instantly the majority of these themes, twenty puzzles in all, including scenes from Hansel and Gretel, The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast.

Each of these puzzles is unique and utterly charming to interact with. This app opens to a fairy who with the drag of a finger is helped down a path which has a series of tangents one can choose consisting of different storybook characters.

As one explores these areas, the quality of these mazes will become quite evident as they include wonderfully bright illustrations and novel ways of approaching mazes, such as a flowing green vine for Jack and the Beanstalk, golden hair of Rapunsel, or my personal favorite – a maze taking place within the intestines of the whale that ate Pinocchio and Geppetto, making for some very fun and delightful mazes to be sure.

Also of note is how oftentimes one must first collect specific details or visit specific areas of these mazes to be able to complete these puzzles, such as the Three Little Pigs, visiting the first two houses of hay and wood before the conclusion of this puzzle at the house of bricks, collecting mice along the way to solving the Pied Piper theme, and even gathering up each of seven dwarfs during the Snow White section – wonderful details I really appreciate.

I have equally enjoyed the included music in each maze, each charmingly relating to the puzzle at hand, as medieval and Middle Eastern elements can be heard during Robin Hood and Aladdin alike, even with the theme to “Peter and the Wolf” within the area of the same name. Do tap around these different pages to trigger simple yet effective sounds and animations that add to the richness of these mazes.

The difficulty level of these mazes, which is varied, is perfect for my five year old son, who really takes his time collecting what he needs before solving each of these fun, colorful and engaging puzzles. Although a star is given for finishing each section, I am happy to say that no score is given for solving these mazes quickly, allowing children to work at their own pace.

Parents will love the variety of titles included here, from classic fairy tales to also including moments from longer books such as Peter Pan, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, or Alice in Wonderland – a fun survey of classic children’s tales.

I highly recommend Fairytale Maze 123 as I do the others in this series, Toddler Maze 123 and Preschool Maze 123 – wonderful apps for problem-solving as well as just having a lot of fun.

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