What's New

Spring has sprung and to celebrate, we’ve got some fun changes in this release:

• Blackburds worth 10X
• Add Boosts anytime, anywhere
• Add Time at the end of a game

Here are the details:

=== Blackburds Worth 10X ===
Blackburds are now worth ten times the point value of all other burds. So when night falls and the Blackburds drop in, that’s your chance to rake in big points late in the game. A little burd told me that you can get 10,000 points for making a Blackburd square! I wonder if that’s true…

=== Add Boosts Anytime, Anywhere ===
Now you can add boosts from the Main Menu and Leaderburd screens. Stock up on Undos, Zaps and Freezes before you make your next run at the leaderboard.

=== Add Time at the End of a Game ===
Need just a few more seconds to break your record or to pass your rival on the leaderboard? Now you can add time at the end of a game- but just once per game.

p.s. Thanks to everyone who’s been sending us feedback@tinymarble.com, we really appreciate it. Please keep it coming!

- Justin & Troy

App Description

Burds is a puzzle game about matching and clearing colourful birds. It’s surprisingly easy to pick up- and hard to put down. It takes just a few swipes to learn the basics, but only the cleverest players become Burd-masters.

Here are the basics:
- Match two or more like-coloured Burds together
- Matches can only be made up/down and left/right
- Diagonals aren’t allowed
- Longer matches are worth more points than smaller matches
- When the clock runs out, the jig is up!

That’s all you need to know to get started! Download the app and get going, my friend.

Have fun!

-Justin & Troy

OK, I see that you’re still reading. I’m guessing that you’re a type-A personality and you want to get ahead of the rabble. I’ve always wondered who clicked on the “More” link in the App store. Now I know: you do! Well, to reward your persistence, here are some tips.

- Fill the PROGRESS METER at the top of the board by collecting birds
- When you fill the PROGRESS METER, the CLOCK will reset to 30 seconds
- Connect birds into a “square” or “loop” to remove all Burds of that colour from the board
- Connect any bird to a bomb to remove all Burds of that colour from the board
- “Wild eggs” can be connected to any bird
- Double-tap a single Burd to use a ZAP and remove that Burd from the board
- Press the FREEZE button to stop the clock (for a little while)
- You can undo a move by pressing the UNDO button. Shocking, no?
- If you run out of ZAPS, FREEZES or UNDOs, use your coins to get more
- Collect COINS by matching them together or ZAPPING them
- When you collect a coin, a few extra seconds are added to the clock, so if time is running out, work on collecting coins

Armed with this information, you should find yourself in the top 10% of Burds players! Congratulations! Go play and have some fun!

Be gone!

-Justin & Troy

I can’t believe you’re still reading! Do you scoff at type-A personalities for their lack of focus and drive? Then, surely, you’re the kind of power-user who is going to appreciate these advanced tips!

SPOILER: if you haven’t actually played the game yet, I recommend that you go play it for a while and see if you can’t figure out some (or all) of these on your own. When you come back to rate us (hint,hint), you can compare notes.

- Use the ZAPS. We put them in the game to be used. It’s not cheating.
- COINS are just like Burds. If you make a square or connect them to a bomb, you get all of them.
- It’s easiest to make longer matches early in the game, so focus on making long chains early-on.
- If you’ve just filled the PROGRESS BAR and the clock is full, hold off on collecting more coins. Because the clock doesn’t go above 30, try to save coins for when they’ll have the most impact
- If you’re running out of time, don’t bother with long chains- you need to focus on filling up the PROGRESS METER. Go after squares and bombs. These don’t give you as many points as long chains, but they fill up the PROGRESS METER faster.
- Speaking of filling up the meter quickly, try connecting a bomb to another bomb or a wild. You’ll be glad you did.
- Use FREEZE. It’s easy to forget about this very powerful boost.
- You can use FREEZE more than once per game, but it gets shorter with each use during a single game- so don’t think you can just “freeze” your way to the top of the leaderboards
- The leaderboards reset on Sunday night (Pacific Standard Time), so your chances of landing on the global leaderboard are best early on Monday morning. It feels good to be at the top- even if it’s just for a little while.

If you have any other great tips that we’ve missed, or just want to let us know what you love or hate about the game, please don’t hesitate to click the “Send Us Feedback” link on the main menu and send us your thoughts.

Now, seriously, go play! You deserve it, my little ubermensch.

-Justin & Troy

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