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Want to boldly go where few Star Commanders have gone before? You long for the feeling of authority that only a snazzy one-piece two-tone jumpsuit uniform can give you?

Then you’ll need The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to Star Command. Warballoon Games’s space combat sim is a delightful mix of action, strategy, ship-on-ship combat, and gorgeous pixel art that’s as intoxicating as Klingon bloodwine.

But it can also be as tough as the Borg.

And that’s where the Official Guide to Star Command can help. Assembled by the iOS gaming experts at Pocket Gamer along with input from Warballoon Games, the guide is aimed at beginners and those looking to improve their inter-galactic combat skills.

You get complete breakdowns of the game’s elements (such as crew, rooms, and ships – including all upgrades), a full mission walkthrough, and more tips than even a Vulcan mind could handle.

Pocket Gamer Guides are a growing line of delightfully interactive iOS productions designed to help you take your iPad/iPhone playing enjoyment to heroic new limits.

Each PG Guide delivers a comprehensive and awesomely touch-friendly package to aid both the newcomer and the seasoned fan: From series backgrounds, mission logs, complete in-game item breakdowns, tactical advice, character rundowns, to gameworld exposés, developer interviews (with insider tips, no less), sneak peeks at upcoming updates, and more – it’s all here. And all wrapped up in a layer of interactive deliciousness that only a digital creation can provide.

So the next time you’re stuck, remember you don’t have to be. If there’s a Pocket Gamer Guide for your game of choice, playing enlightenment awaits.


The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to Star Command features:

• Everything you need to know to captain like Kirk – from the key basics to help newcomers warp off into a successful campaign with as little Triolic wave interference as possible, to the key information and tactics that will help experienced galactic commanders improve their strategic skills

• A full mission-by-mission walkthrough. Stuck? You no longer need to be

• Complete breakdown of the Star Command crew – who they are, what they do, how they upgrade

• Complete breakdown of ships – whether human or enemy, get to know what you’ll be piloting and who you’ll be up against

• Complete breakdown of rooms – all the functionality and all the upgrades in one easy-to-check section

• More tips than you can shake a Tricorder at (if such a thing existed)

• And more to come in future updates

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App Changes

  • July 25, 2013 Initial release
  • November 03, 2014 New version 1.0.1