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This Lite version contains Chinese Gender Chart method test that enables to check the real prediction accuracy - for every child that was born.

It gives you baby gender based on mother and child born dates.

This application is combining the knowledge of modern science with the wisdom of the Old East.

It is the first to employ two of the most popular methods of baby gender prediction, and combine them together so you can plan your baby’s sex in advance.

These methods are:

*Fertility cycle and ovulation prediction
*The traditional Chinese Gender Chart

How to predict baby gender based on ovulation?

It has been observed that in the fertile days before ovulation the probability of conceiving a girl is the highest. But in the days after ovulation, it is much more likely to conceive a boy. The reasons for this are the different qualities of the semen. The girl-producing semen tend to be stronger and lives longer. On the other hand, the boy-producing semen swims faster and has more chances to outrace the other sperm. If you combine these with the knowledge about the date of your next ovulation, you can accurately plan the conception date, with increased chances of conceiving a child of a certain sex.

What is the Chinese Gender Chart?

Also known as the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar, this has been used for centuries to predict the gender of an unborn child. Although the chart can be found easily online, it is rarely used properly.

Why do people not trust the Chinese Gender Chart?

The answer is simple – when used in a wrong way, it gives the wrong results. At the first view it looks very simple and enables you to check the baby’s gender based on the mother’s age and the month of conception. In fact is does not show the mother’s age but the 'mother lunar age' and not a month but a 'lunar month'.

How to predict baby gender correctly, using the Chinese Gender Chart?

When used in a right way, its accuracy can reach 98%. It is, however, very complex and time consuming, as you would have to take into account conversions between the Lunar and Georgian calendar, lap years etc. This application will do it for you automatically.

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  • June 08, 2014 Initial release

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