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This app is for people who want to click a few buttons and get an example sentence for declining nouns and adjectives in Russian. It's a very simple app: click the plurality/click the gender and case - and on your screen is an adjective/noun pair that is declined in that form.

You take that example as your hint of how to form your sentence. It all has to be lightning quick - because this app is exactly for those people who are using internet chat to learn Russian. In chat, you only have a split second to make your choice, type your sentence, and stay relevant to the conversation. If not, the conversation moves on, and the sentence you were typing out - no longer relevant to the thread of the conversation.

Here is the phenomena that I see every day - the would be Russian learner has language partners that have gotten used to your poor Russian. They can start to guess what you mean with your bizarre sentences.

But the moment you talk to someone new - you are in for a shock, they can't understand you.

There is a real phenomena of non-native Russian speakers who never quite master declension. The solution: don't accept being understood by just a few adventurous Russians who have learned how to interpret your nonsense! Always speak correctly, accept nothing less!

This app is not for anyone who cannot read cyrillic, wants a translator, should really be reading a Russian tutorial - no its for that specific person that can sort of chat in Russian, but is still making mistakes - in the back of their mind, the correct choice, if only they could recall it.

Use this to recall the correct form - and then, eventually you won't need the tool. Eventually the correct choices come automatically - that only occurs if you practice making the right choices everyday. If you don't, you can be at the same level 20 years from now, that you are today.

Thank you for reading this long description, earlier I had a shorter description and a few people thought this app was for english speakers to chat in Russian using a tool that was speaking for them. So let me say this grammar quick reference tool is for serious students of Russian, at that level that they have speech emergence and literary fluency but not at that level that they have already mastered declensions.

You can always use the contact form on the support url to contact me at any time.

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  • November 04, 2014 Initial release

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