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From from among results of 4 displayed figures or arithmetic operations to simple game only of movement of "Zing" and finger to many

The desire was made , saying that "I wanted to train the calculating ability, concentration, the judgment, the memory, and reflexes at the same time".

A surrounding reputation is good having personally enjoyed.
There were a lot of requests , saying that "I want it".
Thus, it released it.

Moreover, there is a request that the power of people wants to compete with the ranking, too and it corresponds to Game Center.

Please manage neither the grade-schooler who wants to acquire the business person who wants to make the head refreshingly and the arithmetic operation nor the parents, and do the physical exercise of the head while enjoying it by this application program by all means ..the wish.. to rotate the head around the senior citizen of the consideration of the dementia prevention etc. full.

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  • June 10, 2014 Initial release


こどものたしなみ かずのドリル くじトーク(KujiTalk)Free 残像記憶力 時計の学習!王子の時計 おつきさまどこかな? 3歳までに覚えたい!数の分解 フレッシュ罰くじ!アッツアツの罰ゲームをご用意いたしました。 数の知育絵本。動物ぞろぞろ サマー罰くじ!ひんやり冷たい罰ゲームはいかがですか? KUJITALK 3歳までに覚えたい!数の比較 脳覚醒!クレイジー暗算 Numerical sense. Would you like to remember by 3 years old! フルーツいくつ? もみじ罰くじ!哀愁感滲む罰ゲームに浸りましょ。