What's New

Update "Reality" features:

• New! Realistic Supervision Invasion!
• Improved Physics and High Speed Gameplay!
• 4 New and Enhanced Special Effects!
• Extra Levels, 116 in total!
• One Very Special New Game Object!
• Special Slow-Mode for Game Accessibility!
• Buggy Bug Fixes!

App Description

Free the Gluddle from The Supervision in this amazingly FUN bouncy game!

Aim and shoot springy globular characters called Gluddle. Freeze them in mid-air to help other Gluddle bounce about and defend their privacy and freedom from the evil eyes-in-the-sky...The Supervision!

It's pinball meets trampoline, it's Peggle meets Angry Birds, it's a totalitarian invasion eye-to-eye with a resilient resistance.

No In-App Purchases!

••••• Kotaku Gaming App of the Day •••••
••••• Eurogamer App of the Day •••••
••••• Control Industry Award Nominee for Best Dutch Game 2012 •••••
••••• Major Fun Award Winner •••••
••••• It’s one of the best iOS puzzlers I’ve ever played - TheAppShack •••••



"There truly is no other game quite like Gluddle." - IndieGameMag

"Clever and well-realized, rock-solid, highly addictive gameplay. These goofy eyeballs bounce into near-perfect physics perfection." - Kotaku

?"Gluddle made me laugh. Several times. Out loud. (...) It’s a puzzle, a physics game, and there’s a lot to figure out, and the thing is, you can’t lose, and it makes you laugh. It is fun. Major Fun. It will make you laugh. It will keep you playing. It will make you laugh some more." - Majorfun.com

"Gluddle, which is one of the most addictive physics-based iOS games I’ve come across, has just been bumped to version 2.0. In its initial state, Gluddle is already a fantastic physics puzzler. But now, in its updated version, the game is even more so." - AppAdvice

"Gluddle is a fantastic, creative game that doesn’t just copy the mechanics of other puzzle titles, it takes them, mashes them together, and pushes them farther than they have been previously, and has had some great support through updates from the developers. For that, it’s definitely worth checking out." - TheAppShack

"Lots of physics-based knock out games will really raise your blood pressure (Angry Birds and Cut the Rope are notorious for this). For some reason, Gluddle doesn’t do this. It’s mellow." - BestKidsApps

"It’s like throwing a bouncy ball very hard indoors and seeing what it smashes. Fun, in other words." - Games Asylum

"Wa-Wa-wow! This game is absolutely immense!" - WeDoCode

"When George Orwell sat down to write dark dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, he couldn't have known that he would one day inspire Gluddle, a physics-based iOS puzzler where you dislodge spying Big Brother-style eyes in the sky." - Eurogamer App of the Day

"Gluddle is a solid title. This hidden gem is packed with amusing gameplay, impressive music and colorful graphics that make it one of the top physics-puzzler games in my book." - AppsOnTap

"That game is confusing, obscure, weird and has a soundtrack that is almost annoying. Played the demo for a couple of minutes, fell in love with it and bought the full version. Great job, and great game!" - ZombieGorilla

This Lite version is truly free and includes 20 levels. For more levels: find the full version of Gluddle here:

iPhone Screenshots

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Gluddle Lite screenshot 1 Gluddle Lite screenshot 2 Gluddle Lite screenshot 3 Gluddle Lite screenshot 4 Gluddle Lite screenshot 5

iPad Screenshots

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Gluddle Lite screenshot 6 Gluddle Lite screenshot 7 Gluddle Lite screenshot 8 Gluddle Lite screenshot 9 Gluddle Lite screenshot 10

App Changes

  • July 05, 2012 Initial release
  • September 07, 2012 New version 1.05
  • December 07, 2012 New version 3.0
  • February 10, 2013 New version 3.1
  • May 24, 2013 New version 4.0

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