App Description

Fallinlove is a relationship builder that helps you improve your existing relationships, make new friends, and fall in love!

Privacy: You have total control of your privacy. The default is always anonymous, private, and not shared.

Why Fallinlove?

* Improve your existing relationships and learn to meet wonderful people, online and offline

You will meet like-minded people and possibly find love using the app. More importantly, though, you will have the proper mind-set and skills to personally interact face-to-face with anyone you encounter in your local area.

* Practice one habit every day that is proven to increase personal happiness

You will practice one habit every day that is proven to increase personal happiness. The happier you feel, the more confident you are, and the more attractive you become.

* Understand 4 stages of interpersonal relationships

You will learn 4 stages of interpersonal relationships so you can build solid foundations in the right order and at a good pace. This is important because if you are unaware of these stages, you tend to proceed at the wrong pace and you may come across a creep or become desperate; you can lose opportunities to build good relationships with great people.

* Do everything in privacy. Share openly, anonymously, or not at all

Fallinlove guides you through essential steps in relationships that are easy to say but hard to do consistently unless you have a mentor or other support:

* Reflect on and appreciate good things others have done for you.

* Reflect on and remember to do nice things for others.

* After 21 days: Answer thought provoking questions anonymously and read how others answer.

* After 21 days: For singles, the system may suggest an introduction if someone’s answers you like a lot happen to match up with your responses and the person fits your criteria.

If you can commit 15 minutes a day to track your progress, you can use Fallinlove. And you will be amazed at the positive changes it brings.

Use Fallinlove for 21 days and experience positive change.

People You Love*

Love is for people who are closest to you, with common interests, mutual trust and commitments, and most importantly, shared life goals. Life goals are interests and pursuits without which you don’t feel fulfilled.

What separates Love from Care are shared life goals.


Do I automatically put my husband (or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend) in the Love stage?

If you and your significant other are committed to each other and have shared life goals, then he or she is indeed your Love. Otherwise, just because someone is your father, mother, husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend doesn’t mean you two are in Love.

What about sex?

Sex is one of the interests. Depending on one’s values and background, sex could happen between strangers, acquaintances, friends, or lovers. It is thus not an indication of an interpersonal relationship stage.

People You Care About*

When you and the other person have many common interests, share many personal stories and feelings, and trust each other, you are in the third stage, Care. Think friends, good friends, and family members.

What separates Care from Like are personal commitments.

People You Like*

Once you identify some common interests or adopt each other’s interests, the relationship progresses to the second stage, Like. Common interests could be anything you like to say, listen to, do, share, handle, and so on. In this stage, your conversations involve some personal feelings and self-disclosure. However, there is no real commitment. Think acquaintances.

What separates Like from Know are common interests.

People You Know*

The people most distant from You are on the Know tab. Know consists of people you don’t know, want to know, or barely know. These are people who do not have many interactions with you yet. The best thing you can do to move people closer to you is to find out if you have common interests.

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App Changes

  • June 06, 2014 Initial release
  • February 13, 2015 Price decrease: $99.99 -> $14.99

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